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Complimentary Screenings

For children up to 4 years of age we offer free screenings for
speech and language development, gross and fine motor skills,
sensory / oral sensory challenges. Email or call for more info!

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Capable Kids

Of the North Shore

We are one of the most respected,
family oriented, multidisciplinary pediatric
therapy clinics on the North Shore.

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We help your child
become a Capable Kid

Our speech pathologists maximize communication potential through interventions that are unique to each child. Our occupational therapists help children acquire, restore, and successfully perform daily activities.

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Every Kid
is a Capable Kid

In addition to speech therapy and occupational therapy we offer physical therapy, social skills development, language groups and tutoring.

We are one of the most respected, family oriented, multidisciplinary pediatric therapy clinics on the North Shore. Our journey began in 1998 when Jan Marsden-Johnson PhD. CCC-SLP and Sheila Poteshman OTR/L had a shared vision of providing high-quality therapy services for childrenand adolescents with a variety of special needs.



Due to the success of the practice, within a couple of years several other skilled therapists joined the team, allowing an expansion of services. We officially became Capable Kids of the North Shore LLC in 2001 with the addition of Vicki Abrams OTR/L, Karla Frost Wilkins M.A. CCC-SLP, Bridget Kleiderer PT, and several associates.