How to: Make a Bird Feeder

How to: Make a Bird Feeder



  1. Toilet Paper Rolls
  2. Peanut Butter (or any like consistency substitute)
  3. Bird Seed
  4. Plate (paper so that you can fold it and pour the left over seed back into the container)
  5. Popsicle Stick (a plastic knife would work also)
  6. Twine or String


  1. Remove all remaining toilet paper from the toilet paper roll
  2. Pour out bird seed onto the plate
  3. Spread the peanut butter (or substitute) thickly on the surface of the roll
  4. Roll the peanut butter covered roll in the bird seed, making sure all the peanut butter is covered
  5. Cut a long piece of twine/string and put it through the opening of the toilet roll
  6. Tie the ends of the twine/string in a knot
  7. Hang on a branch outside
  8. Enjoy watching the birds eat the seeds

Language Goals:

  1. Planning: before starting this activity, have your child plan a course of action
  2. Following Directions: either read them the directions or have them read the directions and follow them
  3. Comparing/Contrasting: Take pictures or find pictures of two different birds eating from the bird feeder, have your child find similarities and differences between the two birds
  4. Inferencing: have you child think about what other animals might eat from the bird feeder
  5. Vocabulary: talk about all the different parts of a bird, what category is it in, what it looks like, what it does, where it lives,  etc.


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