S’mores Indoors

S’mores Indoors

In small group this week, we built a “campfire” and practiced roasting marshmallows. With this activity we worked on fine motor and cutting skills, following directives, describing common objects, and turn taking!

Here is how you can recreate this fun summertime activity for your family.




-Brown construction paper

-Black pen or marker



-Red/orange/yellow tissue paper

-Roasting sticks



Using the pen or marker, draw straight lines down the brown construction paper to look like sticks or logs. Cut out the strips. ¬†Glue the “wood” (brown construction paper strips) to look like a campfire. Lay the tissue paper out, and grab it in the center. Crumple the tissue paper to act as the “fire”. Glue the tissue paper down on the construction paper. Grab your roasting sticks and marshmallows, and get ready to practice roasting marshmallows over a campfire!

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