We Invite You to Share Your Success Stories

We Invite You to Share Your Success Stories

This page is for our clients. We encourage you to share your stories, everything from the struggles to what’s worked ¬†your child become a Capable Kid. We invite you to share your stories in the comments below. Feel free to leave your name off the comment. All we wish is you leave your experience in hopes it reaches others.

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  1. When my daughter was in middle school, I noticed that she began to struggle with tests. She did her homework, but her test scores were declining and then she began to stutter. She found it hard to express her thoughts and feelings. Instinctively I felt something was not right. I spoke to the school counsellors, but they brushed it off saying she is great kid and not to worry. But, I was not convinced. The grades continued to get worse and her stuttering became very noticeable. And, my daughter was becoming more frustrated and confused as to what was happening to her.

    I spoke to a psychologist who recommended that I talk another psychologist that specialized in learning difficulties.. The first question that the psychologist asked me was, has your daughter ever hit her head? The answer was yes. (and I know every kid hits their head), but when my daughter was younger she had fallen multiple times hard on her forehead and twice knocked herself out. The psychologist did a battery of neuropsychology tests, which showed my daughter had an old brain injury. They explained that as my daughter grew and her brain continued to develop the impact of the brain injury began to emerge. With the results of the testing came multiple recommendations for my daughter, and one of them was speech therapy. I searched for speech therapist that specialized in kids with brain injury. This is where Capable Kids of the North Shore came into our lives.

    Somehow through my search, I found Karla Davis at Capable Kids. The drive from our house to North Brook is 45 minutes each way and my daughter has made that journey nearly every week for 5 years. (4 years while in high school and 1 year while attending community college). Each and every trip was worth the time and effort. The trajectory of where my daughter would be now without seeing Karla would have ended with a very different story.

    Not only did Karla work with my daughter, but she was also able to get our school system to provide additional support that we would not have been able to secure without her help. Karla, as an expert in her field, was able to articulate to the school exactly what my daughter needed. And, it became clear that the high school where my daughter attended, did not understand brain injuries and how a perfectly ‘normal’ child can struggle with this invisible injury.

    Most importantly, are the outcomes. After a year or so of therapy, my daughters stuttering stopped. Karla taught my daughter strategies to organize her thoughts into speech, This relieved a lot of frustration for my daughter who was regularly stuck with her thoughts in her head and unable to get them out. Karla also worked on multiple different strategies to help my daughter structure and organize her academic work and also to help her organize her time so she stopped forgetting everything. This also helped alleviate the ADHD type symptoms she experienced.

    Over the last 5 years, my daughters confidence went from rock bottom to soaring. She is now leaving for University – living away from home – in a few weeks time. It has been a long 5 year journey. From where she started, I was not sure where she would end up. Some progress was fast, other progress just took time, practice and repetition. Taking the long-term view on progress was essential. Recovering from a brain injury is not a quick fix as multiple new strategies for functioning in the world is required. These strategies are very different from the ones people without brain injuries take for granted. The final evidence of my daughters recovery is that she has clearly and articulately expressed to me that she knows she would not be where she is without the help of Karla. She knows Karla has profoundly changed and influenced her life. She feels very sad to be leaving therapy with Karla, but knows that she can because of all the work they did together.

    As a mother, words cannot express how grateful I am that my daughter worked with Karla Davis.

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